PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner

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  • Learning Agile with most of the frameworks available
  • Mastering in one framework (SCRUM)
  • Learning on how to transition into agile
  • Learning how to build a performing team
  • All topics of PMI-ACP exam (Summary is given below)
  • PMI-ACP exam practice questions and review
  • Finally, Pass PMI-ACP with great learning agile by heart…

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Course Overview

7 Domains of Practices of Agile Project Management:

Summary Outline:

Domain Practice

Methodologies Included

I – Agile Principles and Mindset

     Agile Manifesto and 12 Agile Manifesto Principles

     Agile Project Management Fundamentals

     Agile Methodologies


II – Value-driven Delivery

     Value-based prioritization

     Value Prioritization Scheme

     Minimal Viable Product

     Earned Value Management for Agile products

III – Stakeholder Engagement

     Stakeholder management

     Knowledge sharing

     Participatory decision models

     Active listening

     Conflict resolution

IV – Team Performance

     Team formation stages (formation, storming, normation, performing, adjourning)

     Building empowering teams

     Tabaka’s model for high-performing teams

     High-performing vs. low-performing team

V – Adaptive Planning

     Agile planning stages

     Agile planning artifacts and meetings

     Agile planning teams

     Agile modeling

VI – Problem Detection and Resolution

     Risk management

     Problem detection

     Problem resolution

VII – Continuous Improvement

     Integration, testing, and experiments

     Review and retrospective

     Value stream analysis and mapping

    Complete list of topics:


    Tools and Techniques

    Knowledge and Skills

    Agile Principles and Mindset


          Agile Manifesto Values and Principles

          Agile Framework and Terminology

          Agile Methods and Approaches

    Value-Driven Delivery / Project Initialization

          ROI, NPV, IRR


          Relative Prioritization

          Customer-Valued Prioritization

          Risk-Adjusted Backlog

          Agile EVM

          Task / Kanban Boards + WIP Limits

          Cumulative Flow Diagrams

          Value Stream Mapping

          Requirement Reviews

          KANO Analysis + MoSCoW


          Value-Based Decomposition and Prioritization

          Incremental Delivery

          Value-Based Analysis

          Business Case Development

          Agile Project Accounting Principles

          Agile Contracting

          Agile Project Accounting Principles

    Stakeholder Engagement / Communication


          User Stories / Backlogs + Story Maps


          Information Radiators

          Burn Down / Up Charts

          Agile Modeling

          Conflict Resolution + Negotiation


          Two-way Communications

          Social Media-based Communication

          Accessing and Incorporating Community and Stakeholder Values

          Stakeholder Management

          Communication Management

          Facilitation Methods

          Knowledge Sharing/Written Communication

    Team Performance / Human Resources Management

          Servant Leadership + Adaptive Leadership

          Co-located Teams / Distributed Teams

          Team Space

          Agile Tooling + Daily Stand-ups

          Emotional Intelligence

          Learning Cycle



          Building Agile Teams

          Team Motivation

          Physical and Virtual Co-location

          Global, Cultural and Team Diversity

          Training, Coaching and Team Diversity

          Participator Decision Models

    Adaptive Planning / Executing

          Product Roadmap

          Minimally Marketable Feature (MMF) / Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

          Iteration and Release Planning + Progressive Elaboration

          Wide Band Delphi and Planning Poker + Affinity Estimating + Relative Sizing / Story Points


          Process Tailoring

          Velocity + Ideal Time + Throughput

          Backlog Grooming / Refinement

          Definition of Done

          Principles of Systems Thinking


          Incremental Delivery

          Agile Discovery

          Agile Sizing and Estimation

          Value Based Analysis and Decomposition

          Agile Project Chartering

    Problem Detection and Resolution

          Continuous Integration + Frequent Verification and Validation

          Variance and Trend Analysis

          Test-Driven Development / Test First Development

          Acceptance Test-Driven Development

          Risk-Based Spike

          Risk Adjusted Backlog

          Architectural Spikes

          Risk Burn Down Graphs

          Cycle Time

          Escaped Defects

          Approved Iterations

          The Five WHYs

          Control Limits

          Pre-mortem (rule setting, failure analysis)

          Fishbone Diagram Analysis

          Testing (including exploratory and usability)

          Problem Solving

          Process Analysis

          Regulatory Compliance

          Managing with Agile KPIs

    Continuous Improvement (Product, Process, People)

          Retrospectives + Intraspectives

          Product-Feedback Loop

          Process Tailoring/Hybrid Models

          Value Stream Mapping

          Continuous Integration


          Developmental Mastery Models

          Self-assessment Tools and Techniques

          Continuous Improvement

          Agile Hybrid Models

          PMI’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

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